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Our location

UNiTED is located in the Kpando Municipality, which lies in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. The Kpando Municipality is one of the 25 districts and municipalities in the Volta Region (picture below). The Municipality shares boundaries with three different districts in the North, East and South. The Western boundary of the municipality is demarcated by Lake Volta, the second biggest man-made lake in the world. Almost 30 % of the land of the Kpando Municipality is submerged by the lake.


UNiTED focuses on the vulnerable communities and community groups. These communities are often located on one over the numerous islands in Lake Volta, or around the lake. These and other remote communities on the mainland are cut off from the urban areas due to poor infrastructure. Community members therefore do not have (regular) access to services offered in the urban communities. To these areas, UNiTED provides outreach services like health education and health assessments. Besides the remote communities, UNiTED tries to assist marginalized community groups like people living with disabilities, pregnant women, and people living with HIV/AIDS. These groups are supported with information and education.

Mission & vision

It is our mission to encourage sustainable community development through strengthening the local health care system by providing education, information and tools that lead to empowerment and increased self-sufficiency of health workers and community members, especially vulnerable community groups. We envision a world in which health care meets the needs and hears the voice of even the most vulnerable community members.

Core values

UNiTED adheres to the following core values:

  • Community based activities through a bottom-up, participatory and holistic approach

  • Sustainability based on the local strengths and weaknesses

  • Multidisciplinary teamwork through cooperation with local and international colleagues and partners

  • Evidence based work through thorough research activities prior to project design and implementation

  • Efficiency and thoroughness through the use of Project Cycle Management

  • Sharing knowledge and experience through cooperation, observation and education

  • Inclusion of various stakeholders in all stages of our projects

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