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Partner with us

UNiTED values the local and international partnerships tremendously. Through our partnerships we have formed a strong network of people and organizations that support our work. Partners support UNiTED through advice, training opportunities, valuable contacts and information, and human resources. We have partnered with various international schools and volunteer organizations through which we receive interns and volunteers that strengthen our local team. It is our aim to assure that a placement through UNiTED meets the educational criteria. We have assigned internship coordinators and designed internship manuals to monitor the professional and personal development of our students.


Besides schools we work close together with partners in community development. These partners share a common goal with us. International partners support our work through advice, project partnerships and training opportunities. With our local partners we cooperate through information and knowledge sharing, networking and training opportunities.


If you are interested in partnering with UNiTED please e-mail us at

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