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Outreach health screening

Since 2011 UNiTED has been able to provide outreach health screening to remote villages on islands and the main land. The aims of this project is to encourage healthy lifestyle and early health-seeking behavior. During outreach we aim to detect possible health concerns, to provide health education, to refer community members to the right health facilities and provide basic care in the field where possible. Our activities are blood pressure and blood sugar checks, heart lung checks, breast examinations, and basic eye screening. The amount of services we offer during an outreach activity depends on the qualifications and size of the involved UNiTED team. A manual guides the outreach team through preparation, implementation and evaluation. This document is reviewed and adjusted annually by the outreach team and UNiTED management. 

Clinical lessons in health care facilities

Annually UNiTED organizes refresher training for health workers in the form of clinical lessons. These lessons are attended by all medical staff at the health facilities and aims to refresh and increase knowledge. The two topics that are on the agenda each year in every partner facility are C.P.R. training for adults, and newborn and infant C.P.R.; other topics are discussed based on the most current needs and include wound care, circulatory system and patient communication. Each year new lessons are designed, based on the most current developments and requests. Each lesson is  reviewed and adjusted according to evaluations with the participants and educators.


Medical training

Medical volunteers from all over the world join the UNiTED team to provide medical training to health staff. This training is provided to a certain department of the partner health facilities and implemented upon availability of human resources. The training is designed in communication with the staff and management of health facilities for appropriateness. Examples of medical training are laboratory training on protocols and hygiene, ambulance staff training and training in medical administration. Eeach training is evaluated with participants and educators.

First aid training in Junior High Schools

First aid and emergency care are difficult to access in Ghana. Though every school has an assigned health educator, in reality this is not always the case and a first aid kit is not always present. As a response UNiTED developed first aid training in Junior High Schools in cooperation with Ghana Education Service. The project aims to educate Junior High School students in  providing first aid training in their  school.  Each participating school assigns two students per year that receive the training and materials to provide first aid for their fellow students. The training is provided according to a detailed manual which reviewed and adjusted annually.

Each of our Health Projects is based on thorough research and aim to strengthen the local health care system and the local health situation. Through our research we find the most current needs in health care, health education and health services. In response to these needs we have designed various projects:

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