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Volunteer or intern


On this page we would like to share some information on volunteering and internship opportunities through UNiTED. We organize placements for individuals, groups and families, from all over the world with various interests and backgrounds. We have almost ten years of experience in working with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. It is our goal to customize a program for you that answers to the local needs and possibilities, and matches with your skills, qualifications and wishes. This means that we can be flexible in designing your personal placement. We have an open mind towards discussing project ideas and initiatives, so please share your ideas with us.

Each of our projects follows a cycle that is repeated over time; this can be annually, twice a year, or even every five years. The steps of the cycle are: research (identifying new problems, continued research), reporting in the form of recommendations to all key stakeholders, project design (including funding proposal and fundraising if applicable), project implementation, project evaluation, adjust project proposal or report project outcomes. We monitor each step of the cycle closely and expect detailed reports.


Becoming part of the UNiTED team, means contributing to our work in various ways. You can be part of a full project cycle, but it is more likely that you play a role in one of the phases. This is a great responsibility. We therefore always look for volunteers and interns who can work independently and in an intercultural team, are accurate and flexible, and have at least high school level English and good administrative skills.

If you are interested in a placement through UNiTED you can send your application directly to one of our recruitment teams or apply to one of the vacancies. You should send your motivation letter and most resent resume with at least two references. Both documents should be written in English and attached to your e-mail in Word or PDF. Once received we will contact you to explain the next steps. We hope to meet you in Ghana!

If you have more questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.


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