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Our projects


All projects at UNiTED are designed, implemented, monitored and evaluated in cooperation with community members, local authorities and local organizations. Every year we review each project to assure efficiency and sustainability. Every project is a result of collaboration between the above-mentioned stakeholders, the UNiTED team, and volunteers and interns from all over the world.

Each project follows the same cycle of research, project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. After the evaluation, the project is adjusted, continued or finalized. This depends on the type of project and the results. A report is written based on the evaluation and is distributed among donors and partners. The partners include both local and international partners. Annually UNiTED presents a review of all its project work at the health summit of Ghana Health Service.

By clicking on the various project branches in the menu you will find more information about the specific branch and its projects. You can also read our quarterly project updates for more information. Besides the UNiTED based projects, we work in close cooperation with existing projects and organizations. Though not UNiTED’s core focus, we do cooperate with organizations in I.T., construction and child welfare. If you are interested in getting involved in our work - whether it is through partnership, or a volunteer / internship position - please refer to the get involved pages of our website.

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