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Our team

Edem Richard Adjordor​

Executive Director​
Edem, co-founder, was born in Kpando and raised in both Kpando and Accra. He has been involved in developing and managing community outreach programs since the late 1990s. He has extensive experience in community entering techniques, has a strong network in and beyond Ghana and is very passionate to help those who are underprivileged, especially people living with disabilities and HIV/AIDS. He has co-founded HardtHaven Children's Home and is the acting Country Director.

Jessy Adjordor-van de Beek​
Senior Consultant

Jessy studied Occupational Therapy for 2 ½ years before switching to the Bachelor of Health Science, and completing her education with a Master in International Public Health through Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has been living and working in Kpando since 2009. She is co-founder of UNiTED, but has also been involved in the management of HardtHaven Children's Home. As Program Coordinator Jessy has gained extensive experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable project, as well as managing UNiTED's research activities.  Since 2018 she handed over her tasks and is acting as consultant to support the team in maximizing the organization and efficiency of UNiTED's activities.

Efi Chatzinikolaou
Program Coordinator

Efi studied International and European politics and then continued with a Master degree on Environment, Politics and Globalisation, with a focus on international development, at King's College London in the UK. She graduated in 2011 and has since gained experience in various working environments to develop her professional skills. For the past years, she worked as a Policy coordinator for an NGO based in Brussels working on EU affairs. She has proven expertise in policy, advocacy and project management. She is currently working with UNiTED as a Program Coordinator, overseeing the coordination of the current projects and volunteers to ensure successful implementation and efficiency.


Katrine Thorgaard-Rasmussen

Projects Manager

Katrine holds a Bachelors degree in Midwifery from University College Nordjylland Aalborg, Denmark. During her studies, she focused not only on midwifery and healthcare, but also on global health. Katrine has been involved in UNiTED's work since 2012 and has volunteered on various projects. Through her work and previous volunteer positions, she gained a lot of experience in teaching, working with the local facilities and she developed a strong cultural understanding of Ghana. Her knowledge and expertise will be used to manage UNiTED’s health education and social projects. 

Katrine Thorgaard Rasmussen

Our support team provides advice and other services that strengthen our activities and organization. Each member of the team is volunteering his or her time to UNiTED; each of them has been part of our project implementation. Click here to see who is on our support team and what role each person plays.


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