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Advisory services


Besides implementing our own projects, we provide advisory services to initiators of local projects that focus on health and social related issues. We share our research findings to assist in setting up an evidence based plan. Next to that we connect organizations and people with a common interest in community development with each other through our network.


We also provide advice to those interested in setting up a community based development project that has a focus outside our expertise. In this case we do not give advice on the topic, but rather on the organizational aspects of designing and implementing a successful plan, and on evaluation tools. Through these activities our team gives knowledge and experience that are gained through our community work, back to the community.

We use our network to connect people with each other. We have created a social map of Kpando and its surroundings. This social map consists of city map of the area with marked social organizations. The marked locations are divided over different categories: public, social, education, health and cultural institutions. Of each institution on the map we have background and contact information available in the office in the social map database. This information is used to connect initiators of  projects in community development with these institutions.

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