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Fundraising activities


One of the ways to support UNiTED is through funding. We organize fundraisers for specific projects in different ways. Depending on the needed amount and the resources we have, we do the following:

  • Online fundraisers; for short term projects we use online crowdfunding pages. These pages are kept up-to-date with pictures and text.

  • Presentations at funding organizations; twice a year we travel to Europe. We use this opportunity to organize presentations for interested donors and partners.

  • Fundraising events; our staff, and past and future volunteers, organize fundraising events like benefit dinners to raise money for a specific project.

  • Donation collection; volunteers and interns that plan to visit us often request a list of needed donations and try to collect these to bring to Ghana. We also receive packages through mail with needed materials.

  • Grant applications; we take the opportunity to apply for grants through foundations and other donor institutions.


We take our monitoring, evaluation and reporting very seriously, and make every effort to meet the reporting criteria. We would love to discuss with you how you can contribute to our work in general or one of our projects in specific. For the most current needs, please e-mail us at

Donate through our website

Volunteers, interns, the community members and local and international partners give UNiTED the possibility to create, evolve and maintain research and projects. Without their help, we are not able to encourage sustainable community development, empowerment and increased self-sufficiency.

An essential ingredient for our activities are donations. We can imagine that it might be slightly difficult to comprehend the use of monetary donations. Donations go directly to the material and organizational costs of our projects. We listed a few project examples for you.

  • Outreach health screening on blood pressure and blood sugar in remote communities.

  • Clinical lessons like C.P.R. on adults and newborns at local health facilities.

  • First aid training for students in Junior High Schools.

  • Maternal health education for pregnant women in local communities.

We would like to emphasize that small amounts are useful as well. One thing is certain: every single donation is well used and more than welcome! You can donate directly through the PayPal link at the bottom of the page. If you don't have a PayPal account, but would like to donate, please contact us at Many thanks in advance from the local community and our team!

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