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UNiTED Europe

Though founded in Kpando, Ghana and registered in 2009, we also officially registered UNiTED Projects in The Netherlands in 2019. Both organizations hold office in two separate countries with different cultures, social norms, levels of development and languages, our activities follow the same mission. Our team is very experienced in translating the needs of the various stakeholders to one another in an understandable language using practical examples. In Ghana this expertise is mainly used to strengthen the local health care system, while in the Netherlands the focus is on health and social services and educational institutes. Activities in each country are adapted to the local needs, strengths and weaknesses. In the Netherlands UNiTED offers training and advice on diversity in society.


Increasing internationalization and migration in the Netherlands leads to society becoming more and more diverse. Almost a quarter of the Dutch population has a migration background. The countries of origin are very diverse, as is the arrival time to the Netherlands. Consequently, people with different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds have to work together more often. Working together happens in every level of society, for example as a staff within a company, as a community member with the (local) government, as a parent with the school of your child, as a patient in a health facility and so on.


Though diversity can strengthen society, it is often experienced as a challenge. People who are “different” from the majority easily feel left out, not belonging anywhere, or unappreciated. As a result, they adjust to the majority or they stay in their own circle. It is then difficult to effectively use and combine various perspectives and experiences. The real value of diversity does not show in this way. This value can only show when the environment recognizes and appreciates diversity between people. Only then is it possible to use diversity as a strength rather than looking at it as a problem. This means that the focus should lie on inclusiveness, not diversity.


UNiTED Projects aims to use its extensive experience in inclusion, in bridging this gap, to set up training and provide advice. In other words, we aim to provide people working in a diverse environment with the tools to enhance inclusion. Our activities consist of services that are tailor-made to the customer’s needs, strengths and weaknesses.

KvK number 74358529

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